HAIR INSPIRATION! Photographs: © Juhi Pathak 

So I’ve been pestering my mom to allow me to have my hair dyed a weird color, and she won’t allow me because, I dunno, it doesn’t seem proper? It’s a joke, but they keep saying that I’m just:

  1. rebelling (the crowd favorite, actually)
  2. pa-cool (which is so unreal, lbr, haha)

But the thing is, I’m turning 18 in what, three weeks? Goodness gracious, three weeks, I’m not ready *panics* (… but that’s a conflict for another storyboard and so- ahem) I’m turning 18 and I think I’m mature enough to decide on hair color separate from just wanting to mess with the ‘rents. And hello, blue fades to sea-green and it’s a lovely color, I adore that color, I really do. 

Earlier this afternoon, we watched Pacific Rim (finally!) and when Mako came on screen, aside from the internal fangirling (me), my mom went all, “Wow, her hair’s adorable.” And that was my opening right there, and I could tell she was considering it. She wasn’t into it, but the door’s cracked and she stopped thinking it was all bad. 

AND THEN we were watching The Voice (still are, as of press time) and then this lovely lady showed up, her name’s Juhi and she’s on Team Ceelo, and her hair! Is the coolest thing ever. It had me singing “I saw the sign, and I opened up my eyes. I saw the sign.” My mom and sisters were kidding about it but but but I smiled and pleaded and turned up the artist vibes and she said yes! Well, nodded, but I’d take what I can get. 

So I’d have to cut my hair again. My last haircut was last summer and it was just half an inch past my shoulders, but my hair grows fast and now it’s almost two and a half. I want it shorter, with the blue just below the first layer. Kind of like hers, actually. And I’m doing it during the term break, so the second sem’s going to welcome me with prettier hair. 

Something has to be said for perseverance.

It’s in the Bible, after all. Keep knocking!

posted on October 7th